In my younger days I was an active sportsman and had my share of injuries. This together with my fascination of the human body and its healing powers sowed the seeds for my foray into alternative therapies. This journey officially began in 1986.

As I had a full time career then I practised my therapeutic skills in a part-time capacity. Along the way other modalities caught my interest and the studies continued. In 2004 I finally decided to set-up my own business in Croydon Park (62 Georges River Road which I still operate).

In July 2006 I acquired another in Parramatta, spending more of my time Parramatta than in my Croydon clinic. I am a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society for Remedial Massage and have been a member since I started in 2004. I am accredited with most of the Healthfunds so you can claim some rebate (where applicable) on your treatments.

In my clinics the client comes first but we’re both partners in the treatment process. Together we stand a better chance of achieving your desired results.

All the very best

Colin White


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